Smartwatches. Are they useful?

  As a gadget lover I have been fascinated by the Smartwatches being inspired from some Hollywood flicks. So I was bitten by the bug when I first bought my smartwatch, Sony SW2 when it went on sale on some online site. It was nothing like I expected it to. ​​SLXLM It had an associated Sony app for the watch to sync. There were little syncing problems and watch can show time only when nearby the phone!! That was a real problem []

Best Surface Pro 4 Case and Bag

I have been searching a lot to find a ideal protective case for my beloved surface pro 4. But either most cases are overpriced or have invariably bad reviews even after costing quite a large amount for a simple bag. After a thorough review i settled on the following two bag and sleeve and still had money to spare from my budget of 2000INR (approx 35USD) The amazon india reviews are very confusing for these two cases. All reviews dont state which []

Review of a tablet from a user point of view     There may be various uses of a tablet Major uses : GAMES on a big screen BOOK reading NOTE taking MEDIA consumption So what are the features of an ideal tablet: SOLID BATTERY LIFE EXCELLENT SCREEN QUALITY EXCELLENT CPU AND GPU GOOD STYLUS SUPPORT 3G/4G SUPPORT for data today i will review an extremely unknown tablet that comes close to being an ideal tablet! THE tablet am talking about is the HP ELITE X2 1011 G1! Specifications are as []

Are you undergoing a surgery under ANESTHESIA? READ ON

Anesthesiologists highest paid in America, but WHY?   [This is first post in a series that are to come soon to inform people about the lovely branch of Anaesthesiology, educate people regarding surgery and Anaesthesia related risks in the simplest language, to make everyone aware about the options they have to get anaesthetized safely, various gadgets we use to keep you safe during surgeries and our role in critical care ICUs.] Many times I get asked by patients, friends and relatives as []

Lenovo Vibe X3 Review : PICTORIAL

Hi guys I will be presenting a Pictorial review of unboxing and various pics of my new Lenovo Vibe X3. This will be followed by a real world user report or review. Am really excited after a long time considering the price point and features Lenovo has included in this handset. Welcome and enjoy the visual treat.