Do you trust your doctor?

On 21st Feb 2017 night I was on night duty. At night around 1am I got a call from casualty that a patient has collapsed. I ran to reach as soon as possible. Took history 25 year old female with a known history of ASTHMA SINCE 12 YEARS And HYPOTHYROIDISM since 2 years and stopped [...]


iTunes Backup alternative in Android ecosystem!!

Check this for anyone who was unaware of this feature......     Check the above picture friends. Its backed up almost everything we want!! Now its ever easy to switch phones or format phones without bothering to manually transfer files and photos individually as well as apps installed!! JUST GENIUS SAMSUNG, THANK YOU

What is the best invention of Apple after iPhone?

CLICK HERE FOR THE BEST INVENTION OF APPLE There has been a lot of phones that have come before iPhone and many that came after iPhone. But iPhone has been considered the watershed point in smartphone history. iPhone revolutionized the market which was flooded with dumb phones of various sizes and make. There has been [...]