Mr Viswanath

Sometime in 2012, it was my speciality posting in a corporate hospital. This was one of the gruelling postings in our anaesthesia post graduate career. It was extreme hard work. Our day starts at 6am in morning, a quick shower and run down to the nearest canteen 400 metres away. Have a filling of dosa and tea and run back to the hospital Cardiac Operation theatre to learn the nuances of cardiac anesthesia. Patients are usually wheeled into OT at around 7:30am. We []

Post Graduate branch advices

Please ask questions in the COMMENTS SECTION below:   I have been getting a lot of queries regarding Anesthesia as a branch for Post graduation. Please ask your questions in comments section. Will try my best to answer all of you Will consolidate the rxpg thread here: Qn. I have taken anaesthesia.  I have certain questions which by d way if it’s wrong dont mistake me  Wat are the things I must concentrate on after joining?  What are d things I must not []

Car washing A Stressbuster.

I read somewhere: “If you don’t look back at your car after parking it then you didn’t buy the car you love” I find it very true. The pleasure you get from cleaning your car is 1000 times more than doing a upper body work out in gym 😉 I may not have the best car. I may not have the flashiest but I have the best for my needs. My car Maruti Suzuki Baleno is now 1.5 years old. Will post []

Oneplus 5T Open Beta 4 Rom experience..

ONEPLUS 5T OPEN BETA 4, 3rd March Release Its been a week since I got my Oneplus 5T. Its been a nice pleasure to use the phone. Apart from the screen not being flash compared to Samsung flagships everything has been rock solid and fluid. It does feel like a complete package with good hardware and software sync. I received news of the availability of a beta rom for the oneplus devices. After rooting and tinkering for years I have grown a []

Google Pixel 2 XL or Oneplus 5T?

Ok so this has been that part of the year when i decide to change my flagship phone and upgrade to a supposedly better device. This has always been a troublesome and costly affair for me. I usually don’t have access to the latest devices to try out first hand and decide accordingly whether the switch does transform into a UPGRADE and not a compromise again! So lemme tell you guys I have already sold my Pixel 2 XL and bought a []

Critical Analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S9 duo. Should you buy it?

So now the hype and suspense is over after so many leaks. Many of us would have been holding tightly to our hearts and wallets whether to upgrade or not. So let’s analyze these devil’s beyond the typical reviewers praise and love and bias. Let’s dig our tooth in. If you have S8 and plan to get S9: What you get extra? I mean meaningful extra. I have stopped getting excited according to YouTube and mainstream reviewers. Properly placed fingerprint scanner. Stereo []