Galaxy Watch features that no one told you! WATCH TILL THE END 😉 Here are few galaxy smartwatch features which am sure you didnt know. Am betting on at-least one feature that is unknown to majority of #samsung #Galaxywatch users #drtechnno MKBHD: Jo3 N:    

Huawei Ban. Should you sell your huawei phones now?   Suddenly on 20th may there was a huge announcement from Trump Government  that jolted the tech world. A slap on the term called Globalisation. Its like when you cannot defeat them crush them. In this panic that started there are reports of people selling off Huawei phone stock for as low as half […]

OnePlus is now slowly inching close to Apple in being an EVIL company

Frankly I am confused whether to buy oneplus 7 pro or not. If I weigh a chinese brand product with poor service centres and customer care then this price seems exaggerated. The same specs from a larger company would mean more price but there are also omissions by oneplus which are difficult to quantify. The […]

Microsoft Surface Book first gen. Is it worth buying in 2019?

I sold my HP Pavilion X360 for some minor annoyances. More than issues with the laptop the thing that made me sell it is a great deal on a used but excellent condition of Surface book first generation. Laptops have a long shelf life unlike smartphones and for productivity processor and Ram are not the […]

Kuvings B1700 mini review   Kuvings B1700: Bought this from Amazon India in last sale for 15000 RS. Cold press juices are considered superior than the traditional centrifugal juicers. They don’t generate heat and retain the nutrient and fibres too. Kuvings has 45 percent share of coldpress juicers worldwide and these machines are made to last a […]


Hey friends were u planning to buy the dell inspiron series of laptops this season? If yes hold on, yes hold on becoz dell has launched or should I say refreshed its whole inspiron line up with a latest cpus from whiskey lake series These are core i5 8265 successor of core i5 8250u and […]