Suddenly on 20th may there was a huge announcement from Trump Government  that jolted the tech world. A slap on the term called Globalisation. Its like when you cannot defeat them crush them. In this panic that started there are reports of people selling off Huawei phone stock for as low as half price. Even present Huawei customers are in a panicky situation thinking there device will suddenly be turned into a brick. Hold on guys.

Let me give example of my Xiaomi Mi Tab which I bought almost 4 years back. I was angry at xiaomi for not supporting the Tablet well into future. There were no major Software upgrades that the tablet received. You can see how beaten it is but still it gets used daily by my daughter and family members. The reason being there is no hanging issue, no battery drain issues, etc etc. What I want too state is that even though software plays a major role but over the last few iterations android hasn’t added any game changing features that will make the hardware feel outdated.

So even if Huawei can support the device with security updates for three years I don’t see any reason to panic.

If you love this device now then its very likely that you will keep loving it into quite some time into the future from now on. I can speak for myself that I am yet to see a device more feature packed than my mate 20 pro. It is the reason that after my first phone screen cracked and I committed a mistake called LG v40, I went ahead and once again bought the best device of 2018.

This phone ticks all the boxes for me as a mobile device, The quad hd screen, the design and colour of the device, the unique square camera arrangement which is definitely a standout feature visually from all the similar looking glass sandwich devices, the phenomenal battery life, the best cameras and the software backing them, the awesome super macro mode, the 3D face unlock feature, the supposedly cool in display finger print scanner, the wireless and reverse wireless charging, the IP rating, the supercharger 40w charging.

Show me another device which has such a comprehensive list for a complete user experience.

My only complaints have been a very poor vibration motor, and some notifications that are delayed due to strict background apps restriction.

Even if our worst fears of a complete ban beyond the 90 days suspension come into effect there is no way this hardware is going to get outdated anytime soon. Even though we are mid 2019 I am yet to see a device outdoing the Mate 20 Pro in any way.

So all my fellow Mate 20 pro users stay calm. You are still holding a piece of most advanced tech this world has to offer and this thing is in no way going to fail you into the near future.


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