Someone asked me

Confused between Envy and this one. Which one is better?


Read above to know the difference.

I was in same boat but lemme tell u what helped me finalize this one.

1. I wanted 13-14inch only
2. I checked the service manual of each laptop and checked the upgradeability. Remember HP provides service manual for almost all it’s models.
3. I found SSD is easily upgradeable and doesn’t cost a hell lot. But thinner envy and Spectre have soldered SSD and not upgradeable (you have to see each model, am just telling u generic).
4. They charge a hell lot for a 512gb SSD whereas I can easily get 512gb for around 10-12k.
5. The pavilion is already thin enough.
6. I saw that pavilion series provides a separate graphics card in 14 inch model whereas others don’t. Only for 15.6 inch models.
7. So seeing all above and getting within 70k I went with pavilion. Remember graphics card can’t be installed later on.
8. Yes thunderbolt support in higher end models support external graphics but just see the size and prices of those

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  1. Yo bro hello!
    I am not able to find its manual, can you provide me a link which you are referring to?

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