Decoding the HP Pavilion X360 series Laptops

Previous Gen BA152TX:

Recent Model Cd0053tx:

Try finding out differences in above two models, if u find any difficulty then the below article will help you out.

HP Pavilion Laptops are one of the best selling laptop models in India due to wide network of their service centres and proven track record in India. The merger with Compaq few years back meant that they have a much wider network of distributors and service centres all over India. Hence it remains a preferred brand.

HP markets it’s laptops into three major categories

1. Spectre Series

This is the top end premium segment with sleekest designs and strong battery life. Portability and Premium is the top goals.

2. Envy Series

This series is a notch below the Spectre series. It has slightly inferior build quality. Designs are usually inspired from Spectre series and pricing is lower than the costly Spectre series laptops.

3. Pavilion Series

This is their consumer centric model or series and usually built around a plastic base. It has almost all the features of the above two series but lacks in 2 aspects.

Battery life



But recent pavilion series laptops are now heavily inspired by the design language of the highest end Spectre series with slim borders and lighter body. Though they are yet to match on the battery part.

But to any normal person going to buy the HP laptops, it’s an absolute nightmare to understand there nomenclature of the models. There is absolutely no clue. The models available in India and their names may not be available elsewhere in the world and it’s very difficult to grab any data about the laptops performance or features.

So before knowing all this I had already invested in buying HP BA073TX model. Coming from the MacBook pro and surface pro 4, it left a lot to desire. It was plastic, thicker by premium standards, screen was lacklustre, awkward power button placement, thick bezels… I sold it soon in search of a better model. I was eyeing the ASUS VIVOBOOK FLIP 14 TP410UA.

This time I wanted to be very sure about the laptop I wanted to buy so I did my research and Here is what I found:

1. Most 2017 models start with alphabet “ba” e.g, ba073tx

2. The last two alphabets e.g,

tu means non discrete graphics card model.

tx in the last means it has a discrete Nvidia Graphics card in addition to the integrated Intel graphics.

3. Recently in April 11, 2018 pavilion series has been updated. According to news in US websites and were supposed to be marketed in May/June 2018.

Indian official HP website doesn’t explicitly differentiate this from older models.

Source: Hp line up refreshed

US website doesn’t list any individual models. It allows for customization starting from colours to the Ram to Camera also. So I think they have forgone the individual model naming. Hence it’s impossible to get hold of the 2018 specs of models (available in India) from internet.

Another major problem is the older models don’t get automatic price cuts either offline or from online stores. So there is chance you may buy the older gen laptop without having a clue and having paid price of the latest model! So even if you are buying a laptop with 8th gen chip like i5 8250U still there is a chance that you might be buying the lat gen 2017 or early 2018 model without the recent design changes.

Lemme start to specify the major advantages of the latest models.

1. Slimmer bezels on sides (6.5mm in place of 12.5mm previously)

2. Finger print scanner for Windows hello compatibility.

3. Power button position changed from left side top corner to middle part which was almost always difficult to access previously. Now it’s in a much better location.

4. “Claims of better battery life” though battery capacity still remains same at 41wh. May be due to efficient 8th gen chips.

5. SSHD hard drive now has 16gb SSD/NAND with Intel Optane technology, in comparison to the 8gb in prior models.

See the thin bezels above

The power button placed sensibly now

The finger print scanner just below volume buttons

I am yet to identify how to differentiate the following from model names:

1. Dedicated SSD drive

2. Infra red camera for Windows hello.

If anyone knows about the above please mention in the comments section below.

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  1. Yes you can go for i7 processor if you are doing processor intensive jobs!
    I don’t find much reason in i7

    I will prefer a i5 with graphics card than a i7 alone!

    Yes there is a i5 model I think with both SSD and Graphics

    1. But if you ask me upgrading with a 128gb SSD after buying this is much better option!!

      In this case SSD warranty becomes 5years whereas a stock SSD warranty will be only for the 1 year laptop warranty!
      You can clone the C drive into the SSD and enjoy both like I did. Do go through the tutorial video I posted

  2. How is the build quality? Is the body plastic? Is there an i5 version with both ssd and nvidia graphics?

    I am planning to buy this laptop, is it a good idea to go for the i7 model?

    Thank you so much for the review. I couldn’t find any other review online.

    1. Not that I know. But you can configure at the shop you buy!
      Do check all the videos for detailed comparison of individual components

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