Oneplus 5T Is it worth it?

Excellent hardware coming from a chinese manufacturer.


  1. Solid Software and its sync with the hardware, this thing absolutely flies under any load. Oneplus needs a pat on the back for that.
  2. Excellent RAM management
  3. Solid battery life compared to Note 8 or even S8+. Problem with Samsung phones with big batteries is that they have so many processes running in background that you never know when the phone ends up draining battery due to a rogue Samsung app or process.
  4. Awesome DASH charging. No Qi tech comes close to this, nothing.
  5. Gestures and intelligent features integrated into android OS
  6. Good signal strength

CONS that are justified by most reviewers owing to its “relatively” low price:

  1. Screen quality: Its not anywhere close to AMOLED competitors. They may quote numbers and sRBG coverage blah blah but colours are nowhere as punchy as others in flagship race. It feels definitely washed out and low res.
  2. No IP68 waterproofing done.
  3. No wireless charging.
  4. Camera is absolutely BULLSHIT. Again you can keep quoting thousand numbers and technologies but the camera is definitely unreliable when it comes to “Human Faces”. Will post a sample here. It completely blotched and made a excellent occasion into a water colour painting contest of a 5 yr old kid!! ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS camera software/algorithm implementation
  5. Check what has happened to the face of the bride!! All this with full lights being blasted and not low light…. I wonder who is the camera software in charge at Oneplus, he needs to be Fired Now

6. So for Rs 38000 the above compromises are not at all worth when LG V30+ is available for similar prices in India right now.

I always feel people who are reviewing phones on daily basis shouldn’t be the one to be trusted for buying decisions. A look at the forums of the phones should be taken into consideration before making that buying purchase.

All the best guys

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