Month: May 2018

REAL LIFE: LG V30 + pictures comparison. With Google Camera and LG V30 camera app in Oreo build.

This thread will be updated continually. All pics taken for comparison between processing power of Google Camera mod for V30 and the default Camera app on LG V30. This is for those who are going by the YOUTUBE reviewers and deciding against the LG flagship. It might help you know what exactly you will be getting. I have updated to Oreo Hong Kong KDZ rom. The above picture exposure was focussed on the toys on left side. The top picture from Google []

Oneplus 5T Is it worth it?

Excellent hardware coming from a chinese manufacturer. Pros: Solid Software and its sync with the hardware, this thing absolutely flies under any load. Oneplus needs a pat on the back for that. Excellent RAM management Solid battery life compared to Note 8 or even S8+. Problem with Samsung phones with big batteries is that they have so many processes running in background that you never know when the phone ends up draining battery due to a rogue Samsung app or process. Awesome []