Google Pixel 2 XL or Oneplus 5T?

Ok so this has been that part of the year when i decide to change my flagship phone and upgrade to a supposedly better device. This has always been a troublesome and costly affair for me. I usually don’t have access to the latest devices to try out first hand and decide accordingly whether the switch does transform into a UPGRADE and not a compromise again!

So lemme tell you guys I have already sold my Pixel 2 XL and bought a Oneplus 5T!!

Are you guys shocked? yes you should be, but this happens to me every year where i fall for each company’s flagship device and then fid out the hard way that there is something missing. Its heartbreaking because each device that I buy was after a lot of contemplation, a lot of reviews searching, a lot of youtube hours but still I end up being on the wrong side of the result.

What went wrong this time with Google Pixel 2 XL?

  1. Dual sim is life saver which I couldnt compromise even after trying hard. I used a Xiaomi Mi A1 as backup to pixel but having the dual sims in one phone has become a habit thats difficult to die!
  2. Camera Camera Camera, ohhh so much hype. I shoot my mirrorless Fuji XT1 for most occasions and I know what good photo quality means. But I realised one thing that all the hype generated is to differentiate 19.5 camera quality from 20. The small smart phone sensor can never reach a level where it competes the clarity or quality of a dedicated camera. Even though people are craving  for Pixels HDR mode i felt that for Indian skin tones, the HDR creates a patchy uneven effect on skin rendering. It looks too harsh. Its software so it can do as best as it can and somewhere it has to fall short because of its hardware limitations!
  3. I didn’t find a gross difference in camera quality between my previous Note 8 or Pixel 2 XL or the Oneplus 5T. I had a notion that the chinese brand will be way behind in camera quality as i had the Oneplus 3 and it was horrible in low light. But i was pleased to see that the gap has been closed a lot now. Unless you do a pixel peeping Oneplus is doing a commendable job with its camera. I mean I am never going to take photos of memorable events with a mobile phone anyways. So for those day-to-day events Oneplus 5T seemed as good.
  4. A Hardware issue. There has been many hardware issues plaguing the pixel 2 xl and i faced one such issue which is widely talked about. RATTLING NOISE on maximum sound. So I was not bothered by the distortion initially from watching videos. I was still using my primary sim in the Mi A1 and till then it was fine. Once i decided to keep my primary sim on the Pixel i realised that even “some” phone calls are suffering from the rattling noise and it was highly irritating. I simply cannot fathom how LG being such a big player can let go of such serious hardware flaws in a flagship device!! Did Google paid LG extremely low prices to manufacture the devices? Such serious flaws are not even found in cheap chinese phones nowadays. The Xiaomi Mi A1 seems much more advanced in build quality compared to pixel. and Google is charging a bomb for the device!! Anyways This issue was the last nail in the Pixel 2 XL coffin. I hated the device much more now. 
  5. Google Customer Care seemed decent and they were willing to get my device replaced but a turnover time of one month was little too much for me.
  6. Android P: This has to be the disappointment of the year for me. I was seriously thinking of holding onto the Pixel even with its hardware flaws since I wanted to taste the sweet dish called ANDROID P before anyone else does. What the hell google!! You are running out of choices and ideas? 
  7. Android PAll google can do right now is copy and incorporate Samsung initiated features into the Android Base features. Be it multitasking, SMS mark as read feature and many other things they are slowly bringing in from Samsung devices. BUT WHATS THIS OBSESSION of bringing the cartoony colours of Samsung into the settings icons?!

So replacing the Pixel 2 XL with the Oneplus 5T seemed a way more sensible choice and am really happy i made the switch. I have a 8gb Ram and 128gb device which feels much better and sleeker in hand. It just flies to commands. Superb battery life even with dual sim, absolutely fine camera quality. Build quality seems like a very premium device. Pixel was a fat and chunky device. The screen quality is the right choice between quality and quantity of “pixels”. Even Oreo 8.1 was released yesterday with the Open Beta software and am loving it. The iphone inspired gestures seem really cool. More on that later…..

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