Critical Analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S9 duo. Should you buy it?

So now the hype and suspense is over after so many leaks. Many of us would have been holding tightly to our hearts and wallets whether to upgrade or not.

So let’s analyze these devil’s beyond the typical reviewers praise and love and bias.

Let’s dig our tooth in.


If you have S8 and plan to get S9:

What you get extra? I mean meaningful extra. I have stopped getting excited according to YouTube and mainstream reviewers.

  • Properly placed fingerprint scanner.
  • Stereo speakers
  • Oreo 8.0 out of box (not even 8.1)
  • 📷 upgrade looks good. But trust me there is not a drastic improvement from one gen to other! They said Pixel 2XL camera is much better than note 8. But I think they are quite on par unless you pixel peep for small differences.
  • 960fps
  • 1.5 aperture from 1.7 is a good jump
  • Snapdragon 845 yes I kept it for last since you will hardly notice a difference apart from bragging rights and some benchmarking increase.

Rest I don’t think ARemojis are worth. They are a joke at best.

Should you upgrade then?

Your present S8 will fetch you almost 35000rs if you sell now. And to have to add almost another 30000 to get a new S9.

So you have to decide if it’s worth that.

I would suggest to go for S9+ if you can handle larger size. It’s a definite upgrade due to the extra 2GB ram.

The Note 8 with extra 2GB ram is felt much snappier than my previous S8+ and has definitely fewer lags. The heavy experience UI definitely works good with 6gb ram. There’s hardly 2GB ram free for apps after a fresh reboot.

 So from S8 it’s ok to jump to S9+ considering there is hardly 5000Rs extra over S9 that you have to pay for the base 64gb variant.

From Note 8:

I think it’s a downgrade. Untill we see gross advantage in camera department by the new S9 duo.

  • You will lose out the S-Pen
  • Same 6 gb ram in S9+
  • Same dual camera setup where the telephoto lens has smaller aperture so useless in low light
  • The camera upgrades has to be definitely useful to you. Slow motion mode, and low light capabilities, etc
  • Android 8.0 is round the corner too
  • Processor upgrade is hardly practically essential.

So the only upgrade I see is from S8 to S9+

Rest there is hardly any point to upgrade to the newer gen smartphones



What do you think?


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