Yes! I sold my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 within 6 months of buying.

Why did I sold my beloved Note 8 just 6 months into it?

  • Finger print sensor location
  • Battery life not worth
  • Easily gets scratched on screen and back
  • Tempered glass doesn’t stick due to curved edges
  • The curved edges are a gimmick and nothing else.
  • The curved edges always mess up my swiping text on keyboard as palm invariably touches some part unintentionally. Had same problem with S7 edge even though it had a smaller screen so definitely I hate the curved screen. Even used S8+ and couldn’t adapt to the errors.
  • Software updates are taking so long
  • Latest reports suggest Samsung is staying away from Google initiative of “Project Treble” in their Oreo builds for S8, S8+ so no option for Note 8 either!
  • Samsung adamant in cracking down on tinkerers who like Custom Roms or like rooting their devices.
  • Once Knox trips you can’t use Samsung Pay or any banking app ever on your device!
  • Even though I understand banking apps or Samsung Pay but what the hell is wrong with Samsung Health app?? Why can’t I use that after rooting?

What I can still vouch for Samsung?

  • Definitely the most complete device ever. It’s packed with features to the core. Almost nothing missing. Any feature you name it, it’s there in Note 8
  • Best screen on a smartphone.
  • Best hardware
  • Most complete phone ever
  • Thank you Samsung for sticking with the headphone jack.
  • Thank you for sticking to micro SD slot though I never used one since the note 2

But if you go Samsung way then you have to definitely upgrade at the end of the year!! Coz updates will get delayed by almost a year. The phone will intermittently lag like anything. Even phone calls will lag.

  • Most of the times it’s better to stick to android version it was released with!!
  • Planned obsolescence? Yes definitely I think so. Had same problems with S3, Note 2, Note 3 etc.

After using so many Samsung flagships over the year I realized that if you want Samsung then think that you will get the best device for a period of one year!!

Once one year is over there will be prolonged waiting for updates and new features that Google keeps adding to Android versions.

There will be definitely lagging issues after a year. More so after updates. Their updates are very poorly optimized from performance point of view.

You will definitely feel that your phone was not this bad when you bought it. Some have claimed to be the emmc or storage used by Samsung but I for one definitely feel it is because of lack of optimization!

So now that S9 and S9+ are released what should I do?

Guess guess

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