Ganga Arati at Rishikesh… Mesmerising even for a Non Believer.

I had been to Dehradun last year in 2016. I consider myself as someone who believes in God but not someone who goes to a temple or for that matter any place symbolic of representation of human interpretation of GOD. I usually get repulsed by over crowded temples and places of worship where people use more muscle power to reach out to God. It’s like survival of strongest!! The pleasure people get by pushing and shoving around to get to the diya and Arati is just ridiculous. As if God has arranged a competition to get to the flame and people who reach there first and pull away some for their near and dear ones have got a chance to become winners in life. Stupid plain stupid.

So with this kind of vision in mind we started from Dehradun for Ganga Arati at Rishikesh. We were staying at outskirts of Dehradun so the distance was cut down from 45km to just 20km so I had nothing to lose. We started at 5:00pm in evening and reached by 6:00pm. The roads itself were soothing for the soul. Winding roads and they say once it’s dusk you can see elephants and wild animals cross the roads. So all vehicles are released in a group and accompanied by police vehicles beyond 7:00pm.

Once we reached there was a nice breezy atmosphere. Not overly crowded as it was an off-season in November 😉 So we fetched our customary ganga jal in small jars. The jars are available in all nearby stores. I was thinking to observe the Arati from outside as I didn’t want to get pushed and jostled. Suddenly some gentlemen called us to sit in the rows and hold arati. I was skeptical but we entered and beyond that it was truly mesmerizing.

Have a look below

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