wordpressVSwixxI always had a desire to build my own website to share my thoughts on this large www platform. I built my wordpress blog long back but finding time out of my gadget addiction was very difficult those days. So penning down my experiences was a cumbersome affair 🙂 Once i was done with a gadget my search was on for the next one to experience what magic it would bring in.

After finishing college and starting work I thought of sparing some money to start my own website. I went through some youtube videos and found there were two ways that most people would suggest.

1. WordPress.com

2. Wix.com

After following some youtubers of India who suggested that wix.com was easier to build and any amateur like me can easily make their own website I formed an illusion that wix was easier than wordpress to make my website without taking much of professional help.

The below video biased me towards wix.com.

They mentioned paid promotion in first 3 seconds of the video and I regret missing that!!!

I reached for my credit card and banged in the numbers to buy a premium plan of the wix.com webhosting along with a domain name “drtechnno.com”

I went ahead building my website.

I selected a free theme that I liked and added some descriptions.

Then I went ahead making blog posts added some widgets like blog stats etc and I got a good traffic. Even though my website was visually appealing to me but somehow I felt it was jerky while loading. Each widget/plugin that I used felt like an independent app that was lagging to load. It felt like it was not part of the website and was being thrusted upon top of my blog

Suddenly someone mailed me and asked me why don’t you host your blog at wordpress? Your site is so slow to load that it kills the interest.

Why wix.com sucks big time if you ask?

  1. The load time for the website is HUGEEEE.
  2. All the widgets that you apply on the website appear like taking their own sweet time to load. It’s not a cohesive experience at all.
  3. Even the home picture takes longer times to load and appears after the text has appeared.
  4. The widgets run like a app in the screen and sometimes fail to load!
  5. Even the simple comments section to your blog is a widget which might not even load if connection is slow so forget audience interaction!

  6. Even the BLOG CATEGORIES is a widget

    • Wix.com doesnt allow to change your themes once selected. So you cannot change a theme if you had chosen one in haste!!
    • WordPress.com theme changes are seamless. Anytime you can change and customize the themes.
    • For my usage I am sticking to the free themes for now but already changed 10 times to see which suits my taste. Yes I will keep changing till my heart is content that it looks best!. Why should you stop me on the first with no way to change later!

      The worst is yet to come, stay tight…..

  8. THE WIX MOBILE APP. You cannot edit an article on the mobile app if you started the article on your laptop/browser!!

    I mean who were the geniuses who designed the mobile app? which weed were you smoking while writing the app?

    • There is 90 percent probability that an topic for your blog or a idea to edit the blog may come when you are on the move.
    • Many who want to write a blog may be professionals with other commitments. Not everyone sits near a laptop all day to write a blog. Why can’t I be given the freedom to write from where and how I want?
    • So basically if you start a topic on laptop then you have to finish and edit it on your LAPTOP ONLY!!

Only advantage is wix is cheaper than wordpress and it allows adsense for monetizing.

So its a request to all who want to start a blog or website.


Dont go by the youtubers promoting either one vociferously. I have given you the user point of view, so trust me on this one!!

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