A big shoutout to all the doctors who care for their patients.


I know many of us don’t know from where to buy our medical equipment stuff for freelancing.
I occasionally get calls from some small nursing homes which lack these basic equipments in good condition. Though they have good monitors but lack maintenance of basic anaesthesia equipments. Even endotracheal tubes are being reused which shouldn’t be. Patient safety is really compromised for the sake of money by the hospital owners. In India no one questions the administrators but everyone questions the doctors for all ill effects in healthcare.

So I decided to get myself a kit even though it’s from my own pocket.

But even after deciding to buy I didn’t know whom to contact. Most of my friends wait for yearly conferences where there are stalls from different companies showcasing their products. But waiting for a conference and travelling to just buy these equipments sounds like 18th century!!

Online sites appeared dubious so I took some searching and shortlisted two sites. I took the plunge to check and am really happy that my online purchase went about excellent from one of the sites.


Trust me I have spent much more than I will ever get from these hospitals but I will be happy and stress free knowing I have my own equipment and my patients will be infection free and safe.

The prices were really good compared to MRP. They offered quite genuine discounted prices.

So I have ordered from 2 sites and I would like to give first site a thumbs up.
They shipped within 2 days and I received within a week of my order.

Am not affiliated to any of these websites just want to help out anyone sitting on the fence and searching for same.

The site mentioned below gets a big thumbs up and A+++ rating from me.



Pros of SMB site:

  1. Instantaneous reply to my mails. I had asked them to add my phone number after ordering since i had forgot to mention. I was skeptical but got immediate response in positive.
  2. They shipped immediately
  3. Since i had ordered various items they shipped in different lots without waiting to send in one consolidated package. Shows their seriousness in customer satisfaction.

If any of you guys from http://www.smartmedicalbuyer.com is reading this then a big THANK YOU

Note: Am awaiting my other equipments from the second site.
Will update this post after receiving them.

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