There has been a lot of phones that have come before iPhone and many that came after iPhone. But iPhone has been considered the watershed point in smartphone history.

iPhone revolutionized the market which was flooded with dumb phones of various sizes and make.

There has been a stasis after inventing iPhone by Apple as a forward thinking company. It has been a company that always tries to make things in the best possible way rather than being the first to the market and getting lost into oblivion!

In the wireless earphone/audio market segment similar was the case. There were many players throwing many products at the wall expecting one to stick like Jaybird, Beats, Sony, etc.

I have been trying all the above company product.

My priorities:

  1. IEM (earphones that are pushed into ear canal for good seal) is good for music but not at all for talking. The vaccuum creates a very unnatural sense while talking on phone.
  2. IEM make you unaware of your surrounding.
  3. You cannot wear them while lying on your sides.


  1. Its like having dual bluetooth earbuds, complete freedom in choosing mono or stereo
  2. Good sound quality for casual listening
  3. Simple mod can make the seal better for people craving for still more Bass
  4. Can lie down on sides with earphone in ear
  5. No tangling wire mess while falling asleep
  6. Superb battery backup
  7. People into complete Mac/ iOS ecosystem will have a seamless experience. I have a iPad, A Surface Pro 4 and a Android phone so i understand the irritation in pairing to all atleast once for enjoying faster connectivity.


  1. If you lose one out of the pair then you cant see anything in your ios device, neither battery of case or the other earbud inside case. So both are needed to be inside case for the seamless integration.
  2. You cannot power it off or put into standby when not using without putting it in case
  3. Lack of controls. No volume controls
  4. No power on off button
  5. Have to carry the case everywhere
  6. Gets scratched up quite easily
  7. Dust gets caught onto the earbuds fairly easily and looks very bad on the white colour

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