Visit to a ‘TEMPLE’ in God’s own country

So this week i travelled to Gods Own Country as people love to call it. No points for guessing where, yes it’s the state of Kerala. Now you might me thinking i went with family or friends to Munnar for the awesome tea gardens? or may be Allepey to enjoy the house boats? or The various renowned temple??

Yes i visited to a renowned temple……

Throw your guesses please…..




I know its difficult but i visited to “Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Science and Technology”. Yes I will call it a temple of knowledge, sympathy, care, humanity.

Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST) is an Institute of National Importance under the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. The institute has the status of a university and offers excellent research and training facilities. It has three wings: a tertiary referral super specialty hospital, a biomedical technology wing and the Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies.


As a doctor myself the first thing that comes to my mind about this institute is from our cardiac surgery postings. The indigenously developed heart valves from this institute made heart valves so much affordable to Indian people. its truly a pride of India. But this time I was not travelling as a doctor but as an attendant to a patient who had been referred for a neurological condition. I tried my best to get first hand info regarding the procedure to go there and get work done but could gather very less info or first hand knowledge.

sree valve

So anyone travelling to Sree Chitra tirunal institute of medical sciences and technology. Read on to help you prepare to how to go about and not get lost.

Before proceeding for booking an appointment do remember you need to be referred by your treating physician with a referral letter.

Appointment over phone:

PHONE numbers for appointment:

Sree Chitra Neurology: 0471-2524128

Sree Chitra cardiology: 0471-

Once appointment is taken, you need to reach there by morning 7am so reach thiruvananthapauram the night before and comfort yourself.


Hotels nearby:

There are two nearby hotels within a range of 1km only. These two hotels a attached restaurant and make food suitable for people from North of india.

  1. Hotel Treebo Adrak: A budget hotel with very recent building as of 2018, Average room prices for a couple is 1300-1800. They have room sizes categorised as Oak, Maple etc, Maple being the larger room. Service is good but extremely limited menu. Distance is about 950metres from the institute but you need to take a auto mostly. They charge 20rs for a drop.
  2. Hotel Ruby Arena: A bigger but older hotel. Pricier than Treebo but rooms are smaller and bathrooms are not best kept. They provide a electronic safe and mini bar within rooms which was lacking at Treebo. Food Menu is much better and wider. Average room cost is Rs2500 upwards. its hardly 650 metres from the institute
  3. There are many more cheaper hotels starting from as low as Rs 300 as told by fellow attendants so budget shouldn’t be a constraint for anyone.

As a practical tip i would suggest staying at Treebo and dining at Ruby arena.


The landmark that’s common for both hotels is “NEAR MEDICAL COLLEGE ROAD POLICE STATION”. Most understand this area though very few auto-wallahs dont know this location. Hotel ruby being much more widely known than Treebo.


Steps in getting work done:

  1. At opd gate show referral letter to security otherwise forget about entering. They accept only referred cases and not all simple cases. So you have to get a reference letter from your treating physician along with the patient’s identity card.Sree Chitra Reception Counter.jpg
  2. Right side there is counter where you need to fill up details of the patient for new registration and attender details (see pic above)
  3. You will be helped by a social worker in charge of guiding attendants for the basic procedure and steps to proceed. Here she informed the treatment was free for our patient till she attains age of 18 years. I forgot to enquire the scheme under which it was availed. But somewhere i read RBSK which may be the scheme’s name (In case you are guessing, NO we dont belong to BPL category, and even declared correct income in the forms we filled!!! )
  4. Thereafter the social worker will give you a card of registration and will direct you to cash counters for bill payment.
  5. You reach the counter and press a token generator to get a token with a number like in most banks. (Dont waste time standing in queue like I did for 5 mins like a sheep since there was a queue already before me!!!)
  6. In cash counter it showed Rs 400/- for registration but i was told that its free.
  7. Then the social worker will ask you to go have breakfast and come back at 9am and wait at a particular area with small cubicles which are numbered. This depends on your disease, either neurology or neurosurgery or cardiology.
  8. After this its time to wait for your turn and its kind of auto mode!!


I was glad there was no lobbying. No hurry to get past your sequence number. Though there is a probability that i got lucky.., Have seen this umpteen times where someone with connections will get preference and still have the audacity to keep shouting loudly in the corridor of the hospital letting everyone know that he is ‘CONNECTED’!! That’s India.

People seemed to patiently wait for their turn.

There were smiles being exchanged all around among the patient attendants and caretakers, it was like i know what you are going through my friend, GET WELL SOON!!!

So the procedure is routine as in most medical colleges. The first detailed history and examination will be taken by the specialist trainee doctors. The senior doctors will be busy in finishing the patients who have turned up for follow up check up. By the time senior doctors are free to see the new patients its almost past 5pm. SO please have patience.

Our final turn to meet our senior professor came at night 8pm!!


Till that time the doctors were working non stop

The only thing hurt me was that no one really bothered what these doctors are putting in for absolutely nothing monetarily. I can very well tell that its the temple of dedication and sincerity. But still I see day in day out violence against doctors, 90percent times the arrogance that comes into a doctor’s attitude is related to the patient load and the thousands of queries that are thrown upon within the extremely hectic schedule. So do respect our profession if you happen to be benefitted.

One more thing to remember is that please keep atleast a weeks time at disposal for complete checkup of the patient. The investigations ordered are in a sequential manner and not all at a time. So be ready for a long stay. There is almost 50% time and beds reserved for outside kerala patients so no need to panic. JUST HAVE PATIENCE and i wish you GET WELL SOON.

Cardiology Wing

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