Smartwatches. Are they useful?


As a gadget lover I have been fascinated by the Smartwatches being inspired from some Hollywood flicks.
So I was bitten by the bug when I first bought my smartwatch, Sony SW2 when it went on sale on some online site. It was nothing like I expected it to.

It had an associated Sony app for the watch to sync. There were little syncing problems and watch can show time only when nearby the phone!!
That was a real problem since the primary aim for a watch either smart or dumb must be to show time at all times and the incapability defeats the very purpose.
Along with the above criminal fault the poor screen resolution and outdoor visibility didn’t do any justice to the Smartwatch concept.
So I got rid of it after few months and after 2 years again wanted to see where the smartwatch concept had gone.
My next smartwatch was the Samsung Gear Fit:
The amoled screen was magical in a watch with great outdoor visibility
Wallpapers, S health, Sleep tracking all worked quite well though not the best available but it was a jack of all trades.
The only con for me was the vertical shape so sometimes viewing by flicking the wrist was a problem.
And the auto screen rotation on flicking wrist didn’t work as well as intended. Rather many times it used to accidentally turn screen on rather than when intentional! But the watch was very enjoyable.
I sold it and got the round shaped Samsung Gear S2 Classic smartwatch with the said lot of improvements in OS etc.

But to my surprise the battery life was DISMAL. Very poor indeed not even lasting a day even though reviewers went gaga saying amoled is really battery savious but I found everything was pure bull…t.
Lack of free watch faces compared to android wear was a turnoff. And to pay a comparatively big price for a watch face was not at all digestible and most of the faces were created by amateurs which lagged or made the watch unresponsive!!
 “Android wear”
So my next stop was a difficult one to decide, since suddenly the market was flooded with lot of smartwatches running the android wear os from google.
Motorola Moto 360 series
Here after a lot of going back and forth I decided to go with the LG Urbane which looked great in pictures. But in reality it turned out to be too big on my small wrists. The watch itself didn’t have much of a problem though. But I certainly disliked the idea of a proprietary charging connector. It was a hassle indeed to align a small box onto the watch to do the charging on a daily basis!!
So my next stop was at Motorola Moto 360 2nd gen. it had a lot of customizable sizes and bands and I went with the smaller 42mm size with silver metallic bands 22mm in size.
The watch had a bad reputation of FLAT TYRE which I was very well knowing before going ahead with the purchase.

  • Excellent battery, almost 2 days with wifi off and always connected via Bluetooth to phone
  • Excellent LCD screen and resolution, good outdoor visibility
  • Wrist movements detected almost perfectly, not overly sensitive or too insensitive!!
  • Solid connection maintained to most phones I used
  • Excellent wireless charging dock with night clock option
  • Android wear with almost no lag and great features
  • Flat tyre in screen but absolutely not bothered by it.
  • Android wear 2.0 delayed than I expected!!
  • Need to think hard and I wont.
  • Enjoying using it since 6 months
So right now eagerly awaiting android wear 2.0 to drop in for my beloved Moto 360 2nd gen.

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