Best Surface Pro 4 Case and Bag

I have been searching a lot to find a ideal protective case for my beloved surface pro 4.
But either most cases are overpriced or have invariably bad reviews even after costing quite a large amount for a simple bag.
After a thorough review i settled on the following two bag and sleeve and still had money to spare from my budget of 2000INR (approx 35USD)
The amazon india reviews are very confusing for these two cases.
  • All reviews dont state which size bag they bought since all reviews are grouped under a common bag
  • There is hardly any specific Surface pro 4 buyer to have reviewed the bags.
  • Most reviews are from Apple Macbook users
  • Most reviews of the sleeve are for the 13 inch model targetting the 13 inch sleeve


Best Surface Pro 4 Case and Bag

Product links:
1. Amazonbasics 11 inch Felt sleeve:
2. Amazonbasics 14 inch laptop bag:

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